Monday, February 1, 2010

William and Family

Since my last post, I have been getting myself organized for 2010. I can't say that I am there yet...but I'm getting closer! This fun family was my first photo session after the New Year and one of the first to be entered from my studio in the NILMDTS charity model search. It was such a rainy cold day, but the studio was warm and William (cool dude reclining below) kept us all busy and smiling!

Don't you love William and his Dad doing their best "James Bond" impression?

To see the families we've entered in the contest, go to Sandy Puc Models and click on the gallery. You can filter the images by tour city...ours is Richmond! Don't forget to vote for your favorite. The family that gets the most votes wins a new car and NILMDTS will receive all the proceeds to help fund their charity this year. It is a "win - win" for everyone!