Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haitian Super Heros

Having reached our 11th snow day here in the Shenandoah Valley, our four guys are working hard to entertain themselves :-) There is always a lot of grumbling when I mention it is time to read. I personally love to spend time in a good book, but my guys aren't big literary fans, so I decided to entice them by reading "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightening Thief" aloud. They want to see the movie that arrives in theaters on Friday, so I have promised that if they commit themselves to this reading time, we will see the movie once we have finished the book. I am hopeful it is working as the two youngest decided to be Super Heros/Greek Gods and stamp out injustice and dust bunnies wherever they could find them. It is such fun to watch them "fly" around the house and cure all the evils of the world. If it were only that easy...

Each day as I watch the news or see images on the computer, I am personally thankful that life brought these two little Haitians into our hearts. It is impossible not to see my boys in the faces of the hungry, injured and orphaned children in Port-au-Prince. We know that our family was blessed beyond measure when we brought them home. It is not for us to know why or how they were chosen for this life here in Virginia. We simply trust and believe that their lives have a special purpose and pray that we will help them discover that path. With all the arguing in the media, it is so easy to get caught up in the debate over what is the right way and wrong way to help the little ones in Haiti. Over the years of working in Haiti, it has become very clear that when it comes to caring for orphans there can be no one answer that covers the situation of each & every child separated from family in Haiti. I believe that every child deserves the love and security of a family. If it is not possible for that to happen within their country & culture than there should be other options. I am hopeful that politics will be set aside as the world tries to help the Haitian people (big & small) move forward and that we can find opportunities to for all Haitian children to grow & prosper regardless of where they live.

That being said, today we give thanks for our family here and in Haiti as we learned that Pierre's Haitian mom is alive and well! Many thanks to all our family & friends who have contacted us in the last few weeks expressing support and prayers for her well-being and for Pierre's heavy heart as we waited to hear. We have not heard about Ched's family but are praying the news will reach us that they are okay as well.