Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wishing a Rainbow for Haiti

My heart is heavy I am finding it difficult to get much work done this week. I have had the privilege to travel to Haiti many times over the years. I have met so many wonderful people in Haiti...both Haitian & American. This week's earthquake has caused devastation that is beyond comprehension, even for individuals who have traveled & spent time in Haiti. This country & her people live on the edge of existence...there is no room for error...the balancing act between life & death is precarious even on a good day. We are thinking about and praying for friends & family who are still unaccounted for tonite. Our family includes the Haitian families of our two sons adopted from Haiti. It is difficult to explain to such small boys what has happened. Thanks to the many friends here in the US who have sent messages to tell us they are thinking about our family and those we are connected with in Haiti. Many have asked how they might help. Our contacts are all saying the same thing: send money. It is too time-consuming and too difficult to send material goods. I have included some links that you can go to if you have the heart to contribute. My best advice is to give to those organizations who have had a presence in Haiti for years and those who will help with medical care & children. There are many good people working hard everyday and especially now to make a difference for children & their families.

I have posted a few photos from my trips there. These are all from the Port au Prince area. It is a beautiful country with incredibly strong & resilient people. I don't know how I would pick myself back up after a disaster like this, but I am confident that they will. Until they can, I will continue to pray for a rainbow of help & hope for them all.

My last visit with Pierre's birth mother in Port au Prince.

Heartline Ministries - they work with women & children. Some friends of mine are missionaries with this group. You can see their blog updates on the what is happening right now in Haiti at:

World Wide Village - an umbrella group that helps with many areas in Haiti. The Livesay Family also helps with this organization.

Partners in Health - A medical group run by Dr. Paul Farmer. Extremely well run and has a strong permanent team in Haiti.

Hope for Haiti - another medical missions group that has a strong permanent presence in Haiti. These folks help a lot of children.

Hearts with Haiti - This organization helps with a group home for children with disabilities and two homes for street boys. Their main home & guest house collapsed during the earthquake. The children are all accounted for and safe. The director was injured but is receiving care. They will need a lot of funding to get the resources they need to care for all of the children.

Lastly, the group I have worked with over the last few years is Angel Missions Haiti. We provide medical services to children through a medical visa program, through partnerships with numerous orphanages and with a new surgery center that was due to be opened in April 2009. The status of our center is unknown at this time. We will use any funds we receive to support our partner organizations we are already working in Haiti at this time.