Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

The New Year brought some big news to our house! My eldest daughter, Kelly had the wonderful experience of being proposed to by her sweet boyfriend on New Year's Eve. This clever young guy planned it out carefully and brought her back to the place where they met & fell in love...the University of Virginia. After dinner at a trendy restaurant in Charlottesville, Taylor took Kelly to see The Lawn all lit up for the holidays and proposed to her on the steps of The Rotunda. Very Romantic! Needless to say, we are all giddy and so excited for the two of them.

Before heading back to Mississippi (where Taylor is stationed for training...he is a pilot in the US Air Force), they stopped back by the house for a quick visit. Kelly really wanted to take some engagement photos as Taylor will not be back in Virginia between now and the wedding this summer. This was our one chance to get some portraits that we can use in the Reception Book. So, we all braved the incredibly cold temperatures (19 degrees and windy) and went for a walk down by the river. It was really fun despite our toes freezing! We also took some studio shots to balance out the cool snow photos. They both did a great job...especially Taylor who did a superb job ignoring the fact that it was his future mother-in-law on the other side of the lens.

Hope you all like the sneak peek! Kelly, I'll show you the rest when you get back later this month :-) We love you both!