Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Luck of the Irish!

Well, I am off to Ireland for a fun two week vacation with my daughter, Michelle. She has been studying at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughn this semester and just finished her classes today! Congratulations, Michelle :-)

I have been planning this trip for months so you might imagine my level of unhappiness when that volcano started messing up my plans. In fact, I was actually scheduled to leave yesterday, but my flight into Shannon was cancelled. However, I am truly and clearly Irish because the airspace over the Emerald Isle has opened again! And, I am guessing there must not be many folks deciding that it is a good idea to travel towards the ash covered skies of Europe, so I was able to jump into a seat for tomorrow....YAY! No risk, no reward...right?

Anyway, Synergy Photography is on hiatus for the next two weeks. Don't worry all you folks who have ordered prints and products. The labs have our orders and all of it should arrive shortly after I return home on May 4th. I will have email so please send me a note if you need me...I will be happy to answer while I am tipping back a pint or two at the pub ;-)

As I seldom travel anywhere without my camera, I will be sure to post some pictures of our wanderings through the Irish countryside. Check back often to see our adventures!