Monday, April 19, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

...for graduating seniors anyway! And it is for those of us who are so proud of them and their accomplishments. Our family has traveled through this experience three times already and this year we hit a new milestone...our oldest is graduating from the University of Virginia with both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Gotta love those five year programs!

As for my photography, I have to say that I really enjoy photographing high school seniors. It is fun to meet them, get to know them a little and then to work together to create some unique portraits that say something about who they are right this point in their lives. At Synergy Photography, we limit the number of sessions we do each week, so that we can give each client the attention and focus they deserve. There are a few places in our area that will happily take many times the number of senior clients than we do, but I can guarantee you won't match our quality or commitment to making each session fun, relaxing and a memorable experience for everyone.

Here is a quick peek at some of the senior sessions we have had in the last few weeks. If you are interested in learning more about us, please email or give us a call - 540.820.3759! We are currently booking for the end of May and into June of this year.