Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bikes sure are tricky things...| Synergy Photography

As every little boy knows, bikes are tricky. They never seem to do what you want them to and they can get away from you in the blink of an eye! My youngest son had fun this weekend trying to master his bike (many thanks to cousin Connor to passing it on to him). Now for most 4 yr olds, riding a bike is a rite of passage. Once they overcome their fear, it is not too difficult to begin pedaling and moving along on their own. After a short time, they don't even have to think about balancing & pedaling becomes second nature. If they are like my other boys), they quickly move on to figuring out how to do all manner of cool tricks.

But for Chedner, riding a bike is a whole different type of adventure. You see, Chedner's has Caudal Regression Syndrome and his spinal cord ends at his sacrum. Along with many other medical issues, this means that Ched does not have the same nerves that control sensation and movement to his legs as we do. It is difficult for him to feel where his feet are and he had to work hard to learn to walk, run & climb. Chedner often doesn't feel when he cuts his legs or feet...in fact, he took a chunk out of his leg while riding this day & we didn't know until I discovered the cut later. That diminished sensation makes it challenging to pedal a tricycle or a bike. He understands the movement, but his feet often slip off the pedals. He can't feel the resistance on the pedal and therefore doesn't understand to increase the pressure by pushing harder with his legs to make the pedal continue moving. Ched has never figured out how to ride a tricycle though his wonderful PT at school is working hard on this. We have a trike here, but with his big brothers riding bikes, Chedner has apparently decided to skip that stage and move on to the big boy ride!

So, with great enthusiasm he was off...
He lost the bike several times, but was determined to get it to the top of his hill by himself..."I do I self, MOM!"

But alas, bikes are tricky things...and gravity had a mind of its own...

Finally, he caught up with it and repeated this same sequence a number of times. I have to applaud him, he continued to try to get it up the hill with only a few kicks at and admonishments for the bike... "cmon, bike!", "You doe up dis hill!", "You be good lisner!"
Finally, Jay decided to try a new strategy and convinced Ched to take it on the road. Because of the cars nearby and his brothers zooming around him, Chedner was willing to accept assistance from his big, strong Daddy. Yes, my sons are nothing if not chauvinists at heart.

I have no doubt that while bikes can be tricky things, my "never say quit" son will soon be chasing his brothers down the road, over the jumps and wherever else they might lead him.

**This post is dedicated to Michelle in Ireland. We miss you and are excited to see you when this semester is over!**