Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Being behind the Lens

For the most part, I love being behind the camera. While I love taking photographs, I am not all that crazy about being in photographs! That preference usually works well for me. Every now and then someone will catch me in a photograph, taking photographs:

I recently found this great photog blog: The Savvy Photographer
Lots of information, ideas and some fun give-aways! This week's give-away is a marketing kit for "Mommy & Me" photo sessions. The idea is that most moms usually spend their time behind the lens. I know this is true as there are actually few photos of me with any of my seven kids! I was joking at the beach last year that from looking at our many vacation photos you might think that I didn't even go on the trips!
I really like this is a great idea for mini sessions and I am hoping to put something together soon.