Sunday, November 22, 2009

Choose love...

"Children are the hands by which we hold heaven."
~Henry Ward Beecher

As the holiday approaches this week, I have been thinking about all that I am thankful for & can easily say that my family & friends are at the top of the list. This year has been a year of change for our family and for many others. The uncertainty in our country & the world can cause us to question our choices, our futures & even our beliefs. No doubt those questions stem from the fear that surrounds us. However, there is always a force stronger than that fear...quite is love. This gentle force binds us in ways that cannot be broken. It fills us with a light that cannot be diminished. Love is as important to us as air, water & food. Without it, none of us can survive. I have learned in recent years that love is often a choice. Yes, I know "falling in love" is seen as involuntary & spontaneous. I believe that can be true. However, the kind of love that propels us to ignore the fear, nourishes our souls, forgives all hurts and strengthens us in times of doubt...I believe that kind of love is a choice.

Most parents would agree that nothing inspires us to love like a child. Their vulnerability affects us in untold ways & sparks a measure of selflessness previously unknown. Their joy is infectious & their ability to unconditionally love reminds us of how we should all care for one another. A family I photographed this week gave me an incredible gift by allowing me to take their portraits. Their beautiful children giggled, danced, ran and hugged their way through our session. Watching their sweet faces through my lens, reminded me of how I felt when each of our children came home to us. The love & joy in their parents' eyes reaffirmed for me that it is always right to choose love. Fear & doubt will always be a part of life, but when we choose to turn away from that darkness & towards the light, the rewards are priceless.

Nate & Sara, thank you for the fun afternoon. Your family is awesome! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek...honestly, there were so many great images, I had trouble choosing just a few!


Rose Anne said...

Beautiful pictures!!
I wanted just to say Amen to your thoughts..
My handsome son who will be home 7 yrs the end of this week reminds me daily. We choose to Love!
God Bless,
Rose Anne