Thursday, November 5, 2009

"...and I gots fwends!"

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to take photos of my own children! Before I started Synergy Photography, they were always the focus of my photography as I tried to improve my skills. Now, I don't have as much time and, to be honest, I think they are somewhat relieved! I wanted to share a few images I did take a few weeks ago of two cute boys!

My youngest son, Ched (above), started preschool this fall. With that big step, he discovered the magical world of friendship. Whenever anyone asks him if he likes school, his eyes light up & he usually says, "YES...and I gots fwends!" Now that Ched has opened this special door, he tends to see potential "fwends" wherever we go. It is so fun to watch him get excited when he sees that there is another little boy to play with! He isn't quite enlightened enough yet to think little girls are good playmates...I'm sure that will come in time with coaching from his older sisters and over the objections of his older brothers ;-)

These photos are from an evening soccer practice where Ched was thrilled to play with his new friend, "Jwakey", otherwise known to his parents as Jacob. They were so funny together and had alot of fun running around while I trailed behind with my camera. I like using black & white processing when there is alot of contrast in my subjects or depth of field. I also like using it with children as it sometimes shows their features more clearly. With the obvious contrast in looks between these two "fwends", it seemed like a good fit.

Jacob's little sister wasn't too sure about those crazy boys and was content to just sit & observe. Is she cute with those little pony tails or what??!!


SumGreater said...

I love the pictures! You did such a beautiful job with them. Thanks for including my kids in your wonderful photographs.

GrowingRopers said...

Hey! "SumGreater" sent me over to see your wonderful pictures! You have such a beautiful blog! The boys are so darn cute together! :) Photography is such a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

SumGreater said...

Hi there,
I'm not exactly sure how to email you, so I'll comment and see if that works... It seems like it's been forever since soccer season, and I keep meaning to ask for the pictures I love best and now I'm finally doing it. I'd really love copies of the first two pictures--with Ched and Jakie, then just Jakie, then the 4th pic with Jakie and the soccer ball, and then the 8th picture with Jakie looking up, and the last one with Penelope. I don't know what size you typically print in and I'd like to pay you for them. I'm sure if I could get a couple multiples to send to his birthmom and grandparents, they'd really love it. Could you email me? It's Thanks a ton!