Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vintage Senior| Waynesboro Senior Photographer

This week was vintage week and Emily got to be the first senior to have portraits finished with these filters. I was excited to play with some photoshop filters I hadn't previously used and create a vintage look to the finished portraits. Emily had a great location and some fantastic clothes for her session that I thought would really flow with the look I was trying to create. To be honest, there is a great deal of time and creativity that goes into creating portraits that are non-traditional. It isn't too difficult to simply adjust lighting, contrast and simple color. Most photo editing programs will allow those changes. Its getting beyond that is great fun. Professional cameras differ from your point & shoot cameras in quite a few ways, but one important way is that they allow us to create images in a RAW format. That is mumbo-jumbo for humongous digital files with lots of pieces of individual data ;-) The reason I use this format is so that I have lots of room to play with the images in the editing phase. This week, I tweaked the data to give Emily's portraits a fun, retro or vintage look. I happen to like this look, but have no fear....I can always use that same data to transform these same images to a totally different look! We'll have to wait and see what Emily and her mom like best :-D