Friday, August 26, 2011

Prop Crazy

I have a closet in my studio that is full of different props. I don't use props for all my pictures. I think they should enhance an image and not all images call for a little bit of something extra. Some of the props are for little guys and some for big guys. The newborn props are soft, sweet and fluffy. The girl props are...well girly. But that doesn't matter to Pierre. He loves rifling through all the props. Although there aren't new things in there all that often, it is like he finds something else fun to play with each and every time he opens the door. The overflowing shelves are like a treasure trove. He is very creative and finds something new & different to do with them most times, but returns to his favorites like old friends. I love watching his imagination and often wonder how I didn't think of some of those ideas???

Best of all for me, Pierre loves to have his photo taken. His billion dollar smile could be packaged to sell just about anything and his handsome face and beautiful eyes light up in front of the camera. This willingness to pose for me doesn't extend to most of his siblings, so I am happy that this guy is a camera happy, prop crazy person just like me :-)