Friday, November 12, 2010

Friends for life....

"A cousin is a ready-made friend for life."

This friendly "touch" football game got quite animated when my boys got together with their cousins on Halloween weekend. These guys have a wonderful way of just picking up where ever they left off during their last visit. They laugh, tease and play until they are exhausted. It is fun to watch :-) Cousins are truly a wonderful gift!

When we got to the park, the little guys started off playing alone... the big guys were too cool to join at this point.

Then the big boys decided to get involved. The tempo picked up quickly and the competition started to heat up. Jay tried to keep any one from getting damaged, but you will see from the pictures that the "no tackling" safe guards were quickly dismissed by all players...

This was suppose to be blocking??

It's always a good game when you can walk away with a smile :-)