Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful | Child Photographer Harrisonburg Virginia

I happen to be someone who truly thinks all children are beautiful. There is a unique light that shines in each of them and it is so fun to catch little glimpses of the individuals they will grow to be. That being said, there are some children that are breaktakingly beautiful. Yes, I made up that word. It simply fit this little guy. My friend, Lisa, brought her son to see me this week and my first thought was how beautiful this child is...his face and especially his eyes are so expressive! While everyone likes images where little ones are smiling, I love that we captured so many different expressions from such a little fella! We definitely have a few smiling photos, but some of the others just crack me up! Lisa, thanks for visiting me and letting me take these portraits. It was so fun and I hope we can get together and let our boys play sometime soon. Enjoy your sneak peek!


Alli said...

You have done an amazing job. I am very impressed! Bravo! I am Ben's sister and these pictures truly capture his personality and joy.
p.s. I got him that dumbo shirt and he looks too cute in it!

Fran said...

and I love that Dumbo shirt! He is such a sweet little guy and I am so happy you all found each other!