Saturday, May 1, 2010

"I think I can get smarter just standing here!"

The Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin. I loved this room. The look. The smell. The energy. I wanted to go through each row and touch each book. I wanted to spend hours just looking through the pages of these old texts. I wanted to just soak in the immeasurable secrets in this room. I think I could get smarter just standing in that room! Do you think they would notice if I moved into a corner and just hung out for a while? Oh yeah, they would :-( I am not sure who this woman is in the picture below or how she got up on that level, but there was no way any of us tourist types was going up there without a fairy Godmother helping with some pumpkin, mouse and glass slipper trick. Oh, and these are not my pictures as there was a small, highly armed and twitchy man watching us all through his dark glasses prepared to jump if anyone so much as unzipped their bag, never mind tried to take a photo!

Regardless of that small inconvenient truth, this room is now on my short and highly select "most favorite places in the whole world" list. Yes, I am a true book-geek and proud of it...