Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladies before Gentlemen...

I know...strange title for this post. Let me explain...last week, I had a senior session with two cousins. They are both graduating from the same high school and wanted to have their pictures done at the same time. Both Jenna & Addison did a great job and were fun together. Between the two of them and Jenna's sister & Addison's mom, there was plenty of goofing around, laughs and beautiful smiles. Addison was ever the gentleman and often deferred to Jenna, patiently waiting until it was his turn. We managed to take photos of both of them in the time it takes normally to do one session, and although we used the same location, the images look very different from each other.

Following the flow of the shoot, I am putting Jenna's sneak peek on the blog first. As you will see, Jenna looked totally amazing and the session was lots fun! As I began editing, I had to laugh at the many proofs of her making funny faces, being silly and basically having a great time. Even when we struggled a bit with the wind blowing her hair around, she just took it all in stride. Scroll down to the bottom to see what I mean. Oh, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Addison's pics!