Monday, April 27, 2009

This weekend has been busy & fun! I had a blast with my friend, Alden, as we wandered around Staunton scoping out great locations for her senior portraits. Once again, it was beautiful weather and the setting sun provided excellent lighting. Aldie was awesome and tried everything I asked of her! I think the images speak for themselves...a beautiful girl, inside & out...

We finished our session back at Alden's house where her dog Coley was reluctant to get into the game. After 10 minutes of calling, clapping and bribing (with cheese), her mom, Martha, rescued us and stood behind me to get Coley's attention. I love these two in was worth the effort!


Martha said...

HI Fran

The photos of Alden are so expressive! Yes, we all love having some photos of Alden when she is smiling! We are happy with all of the pictures.

Our favorites are the Alden relaxed on the picnic bench and Alden and Coley. Alden loves the black and white too.

We are anxious to see all your shots of Alden!

I am glad she was most cooperative. Thanks for taking her out and capturing the happy parts of Alden.

Alden, Meryn, Martha, Paul and Coley